Yarrabilba & Ceder Creek Trails

These trails are slightly different from trails around my house.   Sandy and rocky with some magical views of the bush.

Yarrabilba is an aborignal word for place of song.




Trail Running – Bayview Conservation Park

Right on my door step I have these trails.  Its a Winters day here in the sub-tropical Mount Cotton area 8 kms from the sleepy Redland Bay coast, and the air temperature was reaching 19C, perfect weather for a taper week trail run.  I took some photos with my new iphone which is larger and just fits in my fuel belt.    Love these photos… it captures everything I wanted it to capture.




Barefoot Running – Schumann Resonances

After reading the book “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall  was intrigued about barefoot running.  In the book Christopher talks about this in length and it really struck a chord with me.  I had bought my first pair of Altra zero drop running shoes which are as close to barefoot as you can get about a year earlier before I read the book and found that my feet got very strong.  It makes perfect sense to me that feet have not changed for thousands of years so why not run into something as close to barefoot without all that corrective footwear accessories of modern running shoes.  So I am injured less now and have run a few trail ultra marathons.  Also something which I read about barefoot running in another book by Michael Sander was that there is a resonance frequency that the earth emits is the same frequency as our brain emits.  The frequency is 8 Hz.  This is also our natural circadian rhythm.  When we run barefoot we are in sync with the frequency of the earth.  I feel this when I run on the trails and feel connected to the earth.  If you run with running shoes which have corrective footwear accessories the distance of your feet from the earth is greater than barefoot shoes so your body is not in sync with the earth.  The frequency is called the Schumann resonances.

Photo – Finishing Line Always Brings a Smile