Book – How Not To Die by Dr Greger

I finally read this book and I recommend it as a must read for everyone.  It is very liberating to make our own decisions on nutrition when we are given the facts.  It explains the role of diet in preventing, arresting and reversing our top 15 killers.

His results are based on medical based science and found on his website which is free.

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Info – Comparison of Staple Foods

The following table shows the nutrient content of major staple foods in a raw harvested form.
Comparison of  staple foods
Source: Comparison of staple foods

Recipe – Whole Grain Pretzel Rolls

Whole Grain Pretzel Rolls
Whole Grain Pretzel Rolls

Just make some delicious whole grain pretzel rolls from Somer’s (blog: vedgedout) recipe. Whole Grain Pretzel Rolls I made a slight change to Somer’s recipe I added poppy seeds on the top. They taste very good and I am happy I finally made them… thanks Somer 🙂