Trail Running -Gold Coast, Hinterland

Going back in time is easy to do here.  Just close your eyes are look around…  Stunning Purling Brook Falls and technical trails.


Trail Running – Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

On a brief business trip I had to pleasure to wake up and go running on the foreshore area of Williamstown which is near Melbourne.  It was a calm morning with a nice sunrise to start the day.



Ultra Running – Coastal High 50 Trail Race

Last Saturday 3rd September I ran a trail 50km ultra in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland south east Queenland.  I ran this one last year although the course was slightly different it still was an enjoyable ultra which encapsulated some of the most beautiful trails that I have ever run on.   My preparation training runs were complete and I felt strong going into this trail race.  I got up very early and drove down to the finish then a bus took most of the runners to the start line which is on top of a mountain.  When I say very early I mean getting out of bed at 1 am then preparing my pre race breakfast which was porridge with some maple syrup, making sure I was on the road at 1:30 am.   BIB pick up was at 3:15 am then traveling on the bus for 1.5 h to the start line.   The weather was perfect after some very heavy rain throughout the night.  The morning temperature was around 9C then as the day progressed the temperature rose to a nice 24C.    The ascent and descent were very close with 1990m ascent  and a 2050m descent.   The trails were technical in some parts with a few creek crossings to make.  Look forward to running this next year.   I am happy with my time, but I know I need to train and be able to run up some hills as this was a thing which slowed me down.  I also had a small issue with a pain on the outside of my knee which was due to running downhill on uneven surfaces.  This happened around the 42 km mark and also after a massive up hill climb which included 900 steps.   I was fortunate to get some assistance with some strapping to relieve my pain and it worked, so I was able to run most of the last 8 kms without too much discomfort.   For nutrition I use Tailind Nutrition and also eat a few dates.  I have a few things I say to myself to keep going one is keep moving forward and one which I read Scott Jurek says which is something like this is what you came here for !!   Looking forward to do this one next year !!!!!

Trail Running – Bayview Conservation Park

Right on my door step I have these trails.  Its a Winters day here in the sub-tropical Mount Cotton area 8 kms from the sleepy Redland Bay coast, and the air temperature was reaching 19C, perfect weather for a taper week trail run.  I took some photos with my new iphone which is larger and just fits in my fuel belt.    Love these photos… it captures everything I wanted it to capture.




Trail Running – Hard Water Bottles v Soft Water Bottles

I recently bought some soft water bottles for my ultra running training and future events.  I ran yesterday with the soft water bottles and found they stick out at the top a little bit but I fortunately I could hold,them down with some flexible loop ties on my Hydration vest.  I found that they felt good running with them as they mold to your body and you don’t really notice they are there.  The hard water bottles on the other hand are very noticeable.   For my upcoming ultra event the Coastal High 50 there are requirements for me to carry 2 litres of water, each bottle is 500ml so I will have two on the front of my vest and two in the back then swap them over when I need too.  I like that when the soft bottles are empty they just fold into a small bundle.  I would recommend changing from hard to soft water bottles just for the comfort reason alone. 

Trail Run – Jumped Over A Carpet Python

A couple of years ago now I was running around the trails in the Bayview Conservation Park and my heart stopped as I saw a very large snake which was crossing the trail.  The trail was about 3m wide and as I was running down a hill I only saw the snake very late so I had to jump over the snake and stop.  I saw that it was a Carpet Python which is a constrictor and is not venomous.  So I pulled, got as close as I could and took a short video.  The snake was the largest I have even seen and it was funny because the snake just slowly moved across the trail and into the bush.  The snake was not at all worried about my presences.   It was a beautiful experience seeing this snake free living in the bush.

Trail Run – Bayview Conservation Park

Fortunately I have some nice trails right in my door step, well 500m away which is really close.  There are many trails meandering through this conservation park some technical, some hilly and some pretty flat.   The amount of wildlife you see is amazing from black cockatoos, wallabies, goannas, echidnas, foxes and of cause snakes.  A couple of days ago I ran and took some photos of the area.  I was surprised to see a dead snakes on the road because I thought it was not the right time of the year for them to be active.   

Ultra Running And The Mind

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.30.12 PM
When you run its crucial to have a strong mind, but when we are tired
our minds become very active and sometimes negative. So when these
times arise its good to keep focused on run and not on your mind.
The key to this is for me, to have a good mantra. I like Scott
Jurek’s mantra “This is what you came for.” Some words which you
relate to and trigger a response to keep focus
on running. I also like these words from Scott and Dean Karnazes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.32.12 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.32.44 PM

Quote – Running

 “I loved the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I’m competing with is me.”-Wilma Rudolph

“The Very Basic Core Of A Man’s Living Spirit Is His Passion For Adventure. The Joy Of Life Comes From Our Encounters With New Experiences, And Hence There Is No Greater Joy Than To Have An Endlessly Changing Horizon, For Each Day To Have A New And Different Sun.” Christopher McCandless