Trail Running -Gold Coast, Hinterland

Going back in time is easy to do here.  Just close your eyes are look around…  Stunning Purling Brook Falls and technical trails.


Trail Running – Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

On a brief business trip I had to pleasure to wake up and go running on the foreshore area of Williamstown which is near Melbourne.  It was a calm morning with a nice sunrise to start the day.



Some true words about us……

Go Vegan !!!!
humans are stupid

Trail Running – Bayview Conservation Park

Right on my door step I have these trails.  Its a Winters day here in the sub-tropical Mount Cotton area 8 kms from the sleepy Redland Bay coast, and the air temperature was reaching 19C, perfect weather for a taper week trail run.  I took some photos with my new iphone which is larger and just fits in my fuel belt.    Love these photos… it captures everything I wanted it to capture.




Vegan Cafe – The Green Edge, Brisbane, Australia

This is one of our favourite places to have lunch.   The dining experience is very laid back and their menu is filled with a dish for everyone.  I try a different meal and dessert each time I visit.  My wife ordered a Black Bean Burger with chips and I ordered Jackfruit Burger with chips.   Their burgers are really good, filling and enjoyable.  Love their homemade chips too.  I have read about Jackfruit in vegan cooking, but I have never eaten it before.  It was flavoured very well and also had a pleasure texture and taste.

For dessert we shared two large donuts one flavoured with salted caramel and one with strawberry.  Very decadent and I have never eaten salted caramel before so that is why I chose that flavour.

Also I think it is important for all vegans to support vegan establishments so they stay in business.   Spread the love of vegan cooking to your omnivore friends too…





Trail Run – Jumped Over A Carpet Python

A couple of years ago now I was running around the trails in the Bayview Conservation Park and my heart stopped as I saw a very large snake which was crossing the trail.  The trail was about 3m wide and as I was running down a hill I only saw the snake very late so I had to jump over the snake and stop.  I saw that it was a Carpet Python which is a constrictor and is not venomous.  So I pulled, got as close as I could and took a short video.  The snake was the largest I have even seen and it was funny because the snake just slowly moved across the trail and into the bush.  The snake was not at all worried about my presences.   It was a beautiful experience seeing this snake free living in the bush.

Recipe – Naked Silverbeet Pasta

Pasta with Silverbeat
This is a super easy and quick recipe.  My love with eating silverbeet started when I first
ate it in New Zealand. In other parts of the world it is called Swiss Chard.
It is packed with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium,
Iron and Magnesium.

Preparation time: 7 minutes
Silverbeet cooking time: Silverbeet steamed 8 minutes
Pasta cooking time: Depends on which pasta you use
Serves: Two people

4 bunches of silverbeet – remove the white stems then roughly chop
300g Rigatoni Pasta
A couple of tomatoes cut in quarters
1 jar of pasta sauce
A couple of tablespoons of nutritional yeast

Cook the pasta then start steaming the silverbeet. This pasta takes longer to cook so
after a few minutes place the silverbeet into a pot and steam it for 8 minutes.
When the pasta is halfway through cooking palce the pasta sauce into a pot and heat up
After 8 minutes remove the silverbeet from the hot plate
When the pasta is cooked, drain the water then pour the pasta sauce in the pasta and stir
Plate up the pasta and with a pair of tongs stack the silverbeet onto of the pasta
Sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top of top of the silverbeet then
serve immediately

Cafe Review – Flora And Fauna – Perth, Australia 

We found this small vegetarian and vegan friendly cafe in the area of Northbridge Perth.   I ordered Spicy Pumpkin on toast and my wife ordered bruschetta on toast.  The spicy pumpkin was very delicious and flavours tasted of cumin, basil and hint of cayenne pepper.  The toasted bread was a rye bread and on the side I had some fresh avocado with drizzled balsamic glaze.  The bruschetta was on a quinoa bread with avocado and balsamic glaze.  The bruschetta was very different from a regular bruschetta as it was rich in tomato flavour without any onion.  The heirloom tomatoes really made both dishes shine.   It was also nice to eat the edible violet coloured flowers.   When we had finished the waitress came over and gave a sample of some vegan chocolate cake which was rich and delicious.  We declined the offer to buy any as the breakfast made us both feel very full.   We actually didn’t eat anything until the evening as the food was very filling.   The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.  Seating is shabby chic and mainly outside.  There are a few seats inside facing the window because most of the inside is where the kitchen and preparation area is situated.   We highly recommend this cafe to enjoy a healthy vegan breakfast….   


Recipe – Orange, Corn Chip and Sunflower Seed Salad

It’s been super hot and humid here in Queensland so the meal of choice for us is always a cool refreshing salad. This salad has great texture. It has a slight salty, sour and sweet combination of flavours which burst in the mouth tickling all those taste buds at once.
Serves 2 people
4 handfuls of mixed salad
2 handfuls of corn chips
2 juicy oranges diced
1 half cucumber chopped in chunks
3 spring onions chopped
1/2 C Sunflower seeds
1/2 C Pumpkin seeds
Salad Dressing – vinaigrette Italian
Add the ingredients in the order above an toss with hands then serve

Trail Run – Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia

This is a beautiful trail run. Running from Noosa Heads to Sunshine Beach then returning
back to Noosa heads along the coastline. The weather was hot with the temperature around 32C and then humidity at 85%. Then it rained on my approach to Alexandria Beach towards to Sunshine Beach. The rain was beautiful and cooled my hot skin momentarily until the sun threaten to appear from the grey lurking storm clouds. On the trails there were many walkers and many nudists on Alexandria Beach some of them popped their heads up from the sand dunes when they heard me running through the low tide. They reminded me of Meerkats keeping a look out. Being the only one wearing clothes on Alexandria Beach made me feel naked with all those eyes looking at me. The trails varied from wooden, concrete at the start from Noosa heads, but mainly the trails are rocky with a lot of sand as I descended up from Alexandria Beach to the Sunshine Beach trails. The elevation gained was 191m which for a coastal area is okay.
Here is a link to the trail on open street maps (Click on the image below)
Vegan Starter Kit
Here is a short movie of the trail on YouTube (Click on the image below)
Vegan Starter Kit
Some photos of the trail run