Trail Race – Mapleton, Qld, Australia

This trail race was held deep in the beautiful rainforest in an area 1.5 hours
north of Brisbane. The race started at 6:30am. The climate was
temperate in the rainforest and as it had rained the night before the trails were
a little slippery but enjoyable. The trail was not too technical with the minimum elevation
was 235m and the maximum elevation was 467m. The trail distance was 15.7km. I ran in my new
trail shoes Altra Superior 1.5 and they felt fantastic with plenty of grip in the downhills
and good stability.
As always with wearing Altras they feel so comfortable with the wide toe box and it is as
if I had be wearing these for many years. For nutrition I use Tailwind Nutrition and as
this was a run over an hour I added three scopes of Tailwind in a 600ml bottle and mixed
it with water.
IMG_0184(1) (1)

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