Why You Should Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils ?

A great write up from Dr Mcdougall about why we should be avoiding vegetables oils
When Friends Ask: Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils?

Dr Mcdougall is a physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through vegan cuisine.

One reason to avoid oils is that they are very high in calories approx 120 C per
tablespoon. Compared to vegetable broth (2 Calories)
Water (0 Calories), soy milk (8)

Here are a few things I do to replace oils in my cooking

Sauteing vegetables simply replace oil with vegetable broth. If you
usually use one tablespoon of oil then I use 3 tablespoons of vegetable broth. Just
add small amounts of vegetable broth if the vegetables appear to be sticking.
Roasting vegetables just use the same recipe as you would
and replace the oil with water. For instance in this recipe Vegan Mexican Roasted Potatoes
I would just replace the oil with water.
Roasting will take a bit longer but they will crisp up and still taste great/
Baking goods just replace oils with foods like apple sauce, bananas, dates, silken tofu

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