Land of Smiles Trip – Vegan Dinner

So if you are vegan reading this and are travelling to Thailand the word that is equal to vegan is “Jeh” pronounced Jay” which comes from the Jain religion which originated in India. If you tell the waiter or waitress they will understand this and make your meal vegan. In Thailand there is a Jeh festival for 1 week a year were the whole nation eats vegan. I can’t imagine any other country doing this. So you will have no worries eating vegan here and it will be so delicious.

Green Papaya Salad
Delicious flavours with a kick of chili


Green curry with steamed rice
The best green curry I have ever tasted. The flavours balanced together well with a hint of coconut, kaffir leave and Thai basil.

Stick rice with mango
The best stick rice I have tasted. A tiny salt flavour with a medium coconut cream flavour which combined with the sweet mango was made my taste buds tinge with delight !!!

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