My Vegan Travels – Flight meals Australia – Thailand

I love travelling and i love especially visiting Asian counties as I believe the people are very hospitable and also they have some of the greatest spices to cook with which is always a delight to taste authentic cooking. So on our trip we ordered vegan meals and flew with Thai Airways to Phuket island. So here are a few photos of our flight meals and the all tasted great. Everything was right I had no dairy milk or dessert that had dairy in it. Everything was perfect. I did not eat the Phuket flight meal as I am not a fan of white bread and also the heavily processed food and look.

We have a lot planned highlights will be for me visiting and diving off Phi Phi island, vegan Thai cooking class, trip to animal rescue sanctuaries, visiting buddhist temples, Thai massages, trying different vegan Thai food (the vegan word in Thai is be “Jeh”), every morning running on the beach before breakfast & shopping at the night bazaars… Then we have Bangkok to explore too …


Pasta with tomatoes and capsicum on a tomato sauce

Peanut satay noddles with tofu


Club sandwiches

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