Recipe – Vegan Pizza with Chorizo & Pineapple

Vegan pizza with chirizo
I love pizza and making it is easy. Some people might say a pizza without cheese ? That can’t
taste good. Well vegan pizza without cheese can taste good and after tasting it they
agreed. I think the secret to maintain a balance of moisture in the pizza to prevent
the pizza sauce drying out by doing the following. Add a base of a thin layer of tomato pizza and another
layer of jalapeño, half a lime and refried beans ! Then lay the pizza with vegetables. This time
I wanted to put my spicy seitan chorizo that I made the other week on the pizza and to
counter the spicy flavour I put some fresh pineapple on top and to finish the flavour and
texture off I added a handful of rocket which I love because of it’s peppery punch !

So to recap for ideas here are a few things I did.
Pizza base – pizza tomato sauce, refried beans mixed with finely chopped jalapeños and half a lime
Pizza topping – mushrooms, artichokes, baby capsicums, red onion, chorizo, pineapple, handful of rocket, pumpkin, nutritional yeast

Recipe for Vegan Chorizo Seitan Sausages
Other pizza ideas…
Thomas’ pizza with olives
Thomas’ pizza with basil

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