Quote – It’s In Life To Be Like Water…

Water is flexible.
Water bends and weaves to succeed.
It changes its form to suit the conditions – from steam to ice –
a glacier can cut through mountains – but it’s always true to itself.
Always water.
It can be a powerful tsunami or a gentle trickle, but water always finds a way.
Water might take time to corrode its way through, find the tiny nook or cranny to keep moving forward,
or it might break down walls with great force in a flood. When water has a path it will allow nothing
but nothing to stand in its way.
And neither should you when you have a passion and dream to fulfil.

Taken from a speech my sister made at her old school yesterday. If you are interested reading a truly
inspiration speech then click here – SPEECH @ GHS
Kathleen Beedles @ IMdb
Kathleen Beedles – Wikipedia


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