Vegan Product – Shiitake Asia Pate

This is pretty delicious vegan spread and it amazes me how many vegan products I have been
given as a present which I did not know about. Okay I guess I always strive to ate whole food and
normally do not consider processed vegan food that much. This is probably because for a few years
there were none of these products on the market. The more vegan products I see I believe the more
vegans are out there, because let’s face it companies will not make a product if their market
research shows there is no demand. This is the fundamental principle with animal products also.
No demand then the business will stop supplying the products. If we can get as many people to go
vegan the demand for animal products will be reduced which equates to less animals being murdered
and eventually with no demand the supply will stop.

So here is a photo of the Shiitake Asia Pate and also something else which I was also given as a
present. Vegan caviar !!!!

Shiitake  Pate

Cavi-art Vegan Seaweed Caviar
Cavi-art Vegan Seaweed Caviar

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