Two Weeks Of Juicing

! week of Juicing
Photo: One weeks supply of vegetables and fruit. Would you believe it 85 apples !!! I got some
strange looks from the lady in the fruit store who served me and ask me why I need so many apples…
I just said I am making a huge apple pie !!

Two weeks ago I started a juice replacement for my usual daytime meals. I drank 4 juices daily and
a couple of cups of white tea. The reason for me to do this was to see if I could live on juice
each day without the craving for solid food. Also I run regularly and visit the gym 5 times a week too.
So I was intrigued to see if I still could have enough energy to complete my busy active schedule. I
am training for a marathon and the Tough Mudder which is going to take place here on the Sunshine
Coast in August.
Anyway I read a book by Jason Vale and downloaded his app 7 pounds in 7 days was the title. Now I do
not need to lose weight. I should be putting it on instead, but I know the more I do the running and
weigh training I will gain the weight, but in muscle and not fat.
There was a few powder supplements he uses in his juice recipe which I read about a few times.
One was Spirulina I read about contains about 60% (51–71%) protein. It is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. I few friends I know have been taken this for years and they say it gives them a lot of energy. The next one is Wheatgrass which is claimed that wheatgrass helps blood flow, digestion and general detoxification of the body.

Anyway my opinion is that I felt great doing this. I was not tired and enjoyed the juices very much.
You will need a blender and juicer too. If you want to try something different then I would recommend
this. I will still continue during the day with this as I feel good and have heaps of energy….
So here is one of my favourite juice recipes which include spirulina and wheatgrass.
I have changed it so it is suitable for vegans.

Super Juice
½ lime, peeled
2 apples, any type except Granny Smiths as they don’t juice well
½ pineapple
½ medium cucumber
½ ripe avocado
1oz fresh wheatgrass or wheatgrass powder
1 level tsp spirulina

Juice the apples, pineapple, cucumber and lime. Put the avocado flesh into a blender with the ice, wheatgrass and the spirulina.
Blend everything until smooth, pour and enjoy.

For more juices check this link out: Success 7 days juicing

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