Hotel Breakfast


I have lost count how many hotels and motels I have stayed at around the beautiful planet we live on.  
The best places are Asian for me with all of their fresh tropical fruit to eat. The worst are the western
hotels and motels.
As a vegan you will strike this as I do all the time. Many times there is toast and a toast spread
to have like jam or vegemite to have for breakfast.  Rarely I have seen a non-dairy milk for a cereal.  
These photos are from my recent breakfast. Things are changing though. Recently more and more places
I have stayed cater for vegans. Also more and more vegan products are on supermarket shelfs and if
there was no commercial viable reason to sell these they would not. So they have done their market
research and found more people are asking for vegan options. Maybe with all of the medical reasons
which are being discovered on how detrimental animal products are to the health of humans people will
opt for a vegan product as opposed to one which may cause their health to suffer. Every vegan is
important to spread the vegan message to people who may never have heard of it before and also
educate those who are vegan curious.

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