Reading Signs

Photo taken from Cairns which is a northern tropical region of Australia
click here for the map link

Reading signs is important and not doing so can be fatal. I took this photo a few hours ago before i flew home. Especially in this case. As a few tourists and locals have found out the hard way. Most times people are outraged when a crocodile or shark for that matter kills a human animal. Yes it’s very sad when that happens, but these non-human animals are in their own habitats doing what they do to survive. Compared to the billions of non-human animals that are killed each years which people consider normal, these sharks and crocodiles killing non-human animals in one year is insignificant.

Getting back to reading signs when I read more and more about the harm consuming non-human animals on human animals maybe there should be a large signs at every meat, dairy, and every place which sells these produces should carry this WARNING CONSUMING NON-HUMAN ANIMALS WILL BE FATAL !!

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