Book – The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff

As a vegan I still cannot understand why we human animals think that non-humans animals are any
different to us in their emotional lives. This covers all non-human animals, not the select few we
choose to label as cute or keep as pets. The same non-humans animals who are killed at a rate
of 19,011 per minute and by the time I finish writing this would total approx 100,000 and this
is not counting the fish and sea creatures. All non-human animals feel grief, joy, embarrassment,
anger, and love just like us. Yet we continue to kill them. Sickens me no end.

Marc Bekoff spells it out for all non believers to read that, yes non-human animals are like us.
With stories and anecdotes of non-human animals lives, most of them their story in reality is not a
happy ending. I recommend this book to anyone who believes that non-human animals are these
beings that feel no grief, no joy, no embarrassment, no anger, and no love.

The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff

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