Mutilated Non-Human Animal Souvenirs

I am on a business trip in Northern Queensland and I am staying in the middle of tropical rainforest. There is so many non-human animals roaming around these dense dark rainforest that are admired, photographed, filmed and talked about. Sadly many of the them are also used in a perverted souvenir trade which must sell like hot cakes to people., because their were so many of them. I walked past this souvenir shop which one could smell from a couple of blocks away. The smell was that strong. The smell was crocodile leather. Now all non human animal use for me is wrong and unnecessary because we can live on a vegan diet, but these stuffed non human animal parts make me sick… What a job it is to be a taxidermist … also why would anyone want a foot of a kangaroo as a bottle opener, a head of stuffed crocodile or a bracelet of crocodile leather with a row of their teeth for decoration..






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