Poem – Animal Rights


As I walked along the street today
My heart began to sing,
For I passed a mass of daffodils
And I felt the joy of Spring.

I marveled at the colours
Of the blossom everywhere,
And it filled my heart with joy
To see the trees no longer bare.

Then I thought of all the animals
And no more my heart could sing,
And I ached for all the millions
Who will never know a Spring.

I thought of pigs in factory farms
In squalid filthy pens,
And I thought of spider-ridden sheds
Stacked up with battery hens.

They’ll never feel a ray of sun,
Their hearts will never sing,
Locked away from life and beauty
They will never know a Spring.”

Excerpt From: Moxham, Jenny. “Animal Rights Poetry: 25 Inspirational Animal Poems Vol 2.”
Jenny Moxham. iBooks.

Check out this book on the iBookstore:

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