Photo – Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle (Scarab)
I found this Rhinoceros Beetle (Scarab) dead on the lawn whilst gardening. I buried him
in my garden after I took a photo because he is absolutely stunning. This is nothing new.
The Egyptians used to make Amulets shapes of Scarabs and also have them engraved on their cartouches.

Rhinocerous beetles (Family Scarabaeidae) are among the largest insects on earth, both as adults and larvae. Adults measure between 5-7cm in length and larvae generally grow to be 6cm in length and 2cm in diameter.
Female dung beetles typically lay their eggs in rotting wood and organic matter. Following hatching, the larvae feed on the organic matter that surrounds them. Adult rhinoceros beetles tend to have a more varied diet including rotting fruits, bark, sap and vegetable matter. Text Source

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