Anyone Still Drinking Calf’s Milk ?

If anyone is still drinking calf’s milk and products made from it like yogurt, cheese, butter ?
And really want to know, no matter much much they try they cannot give it up ?
The answer is Casomorphin. It’s important in nature for the mother to make sure
the calf drinks the milk, so part of the milk has Casomorphinin in it to ensure the calf comes back for more milk so the calf can grow. Makes perfect sense. BUT we are consuming Casomorphin too and this makes us addicted to dairy. This is a real issue and I have heard this many times from vegetarians that they cannot give up their cheese or butter… The answer is like handling any addictive substance is to stop and have support also a strong will to break the addiction.
The dairy industry like all animal exploitation industries is pure torture and suffering for the animals..

A famous quote by Gary Francione

“There is more animal suffering in a glass of milk than in a pound of meat”

This is so true when you find out more about the dairy industry. Some people actually believe cows automatically produce milk by themselves ? Maybe there are some people reading this believe this too.. Every cow to produce milk is forcefully impregnated, the calf if its a male becomes your veal, a female then she is kept to produce milk the same way her mother and grandmother before her, so the calf’s mother produces milk until the day she cannot produce anymore and is driven to the slaughterhouse to be slaughtered.

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