Dont Let Life Roll On By Without Noticing It

As we are only on this planet for such a short moment in time, I think of doing as much as I can with my life while I am still here. People do not like to talk about death, but as we are all dying from the moment we are born, it’s something we should all think about. As it’s something that will happen. Many things in life for me I find such a waste of time. Some things we have to do out of necessity. Some things are in control of our lives and this should be the opposite. For me I have chosen many years ago to stop going along with the status quo. I think I probably have inherited this from my parents, who for a while went self sufficient or as close as possible. After years of travelling around the world, they wanted to be separated from the world. I am against all forms of violence. There are so many forms of violence which can be physical and non-physical. So I am doing what I believe is right in my life and enjoying myself whilst I am doing it. I wish I had the knowledge about life which I have now, could have somehow been given to me when I was a child. I know I would have not fallen into too many obvious traps which life sets up for you. I think there are many paths you can walk down. The one I chose was one where I could look into the mirror at myself and not say I wish I did this and didn’t do that. I dont want my life to roll on by without noticing it….

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