Dairy – Cows Give Milk. It’s What They Do Right ?

Calf in meadow
Calf in meadow

One of the most common misconceptions is that if you do not eat meat then you are not
causing animal suffering. Consuming dairy products is not harming the cows and that
cows give milk and it is what they do. This is totally wrong. Cows need to be
impregnated to produce milk. There are no cows that produce milk without being 
impregnated it is as clear as that. I have had many discussion with people who
actually thought that there are some cows that just produce milk without being impregnated.

More suffering In A Glass of Milk Than in a pound of meat

More suffering In A Glass of Milk Than in a pound of meat

“there is a hunk of veal in every glass of milk.”

Just after World War 2 had finished, the dairy industry ramped up its production of milk.
When the cow gives birth, if the calf is a female calf then it is useful and will be used for
the dairy industry to produce milk. If it is a male calf, then they have no use for it.
So the farmers came up with veal. The male calf is put into a veal crate, which is a wooden
crate not large enough to move around in. The calf is fed on milk, kept in the dark and
discouraged from moving. The aim of this is to prevent the flesh from becoming
red or muscled. After the calf is only a few months old it is slaughtered for veal.

Also after the cow yield drops below a certain amount she is deemed to be spent.
Which means she is sent to the slaughterhouse to go into the food chain.

Veal Crates
Veal Crates

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