Poem – I Can’t Take It Anymore

Verse 1

Sitting here feeling down,
Wondering what to do,
Looking anxiously around,
Feeling rather blue,
Which is nothing new

Verse 2

Picking up my dusty guitar,
Trying to find a song,
Looking at the twinkling stars,
Waving their magic wands,
Thinking somethings wrong.

Verse 3

Wishing I could fly to the sky,
To take a piece of apple pie,
Looking nervously at the cow,
Pulling the star shaped plough,
Trying to cause  row.

Verse 4

Dreamily I drift back,
To my sleepy cosy bed,
To my run down flat,
Where every wall is painted red,
An eye sore it’s said.

Verse 5

From the ceiling water leeks,
Dripping on the wooden floor,
Staining my clean white sheets,
With great big holes in my door,
I can’t take it anymore.

Verse 6

Living in this poverty,
Unemployed and feeling sad,
Never have any real money,
It’s driving me so mad,
Never feel good just feel bad.

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