Oscar’s Leg

A couple of years ago now.  Oscar our furry family member broke his leg.  He had to have surgery and stayed in a specialist veterinary clinic for 5 days.
We missed him, but we called in daily to see how he was doing.   He had his leg pinned and it cost a lot of money for the operation.   Now we do not treat our
family members (pets I do not like this word) different to human family members.  Here are some comments on what people at work and friends said which
surprised us:

 Your pet will be suffering too much with a broken leg you better put it down.
Oh it is costing that much ?  It would cost less to buy a new one.  I could not spend that money on an animal.
Chop the leg off and that would be cheaper than the operation.

He had to have 3 months of rehabilitation.  Which meant we had him in a cage in the lounge, because he had to rest.  Now he is the same as he was before the injury. We felt his pain when he was injured and no amount of cost would have stopped us doing the right thing.  He gives us so much pleasure and is a beautiful family member.

Oscar with bandage week 1-4
Oscar with his bandage which we changed every 3 days

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