Running with an injury – Being Impatient

I feel so hooked on running that the slightest break from running makes me feel like something is missing from my life.  At the moment I have an injury that I am trying to overcome.  I know with time and rest the injury will heal, but I am impatient and this morning I had to go for a run. Okay I had to end up walking for most of the way because I was in pain.  Compounding to the pain I wore a running shirt which rubbed and made my nipples bleed (yes it sounds as though I am a hypochondriac,but I am not) .   Normally I do not wear this shirt, because this is a winter shirt. It was raining and cool.  Never mind.  I will soon be running pain free soon.  I am sure of that.   Quote I read from Clarence DeMar “Run like hell and get the agony over with”  I tried to do this.  I feel better now that I completed my run. (fast walk 🙂 )

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