Football/Soccer Goal Line Technology

I have been following this story for a while, because it simply has to happen. Too many teams have lost games and points because of goals that were clearly behind the goal line, I am happy that FIFA will introduce this technology and I also read the the English Premiership League are eager to introduce this into the league as soon as possible.

The two technologies are:

How does Hawk-Eye work ?

Hawk-Eye’s system works by using six cameras, focusing on each goal, to track the ball on the pitch. The system’s software then uses “triangulation” to pinpoint the exact location of the ball. If it crosses the goal-line an encrypted radio signal is sent to the referee’s wristwatch to indicate a goal has been scored. In line with Fifa’s requirements, the whole process takes less than a second to complete.

How does GoalRef work ?

GoalRef uses a microchip implanted in the ball and the use of low magnetic waves around the goal. The system then detects any change in the magnetic field on or behind the goal-line to determine if a goal has been scored. The process takes less than one second, with the result electronically relayed to the referee.

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