GPS Watch – Garmin Forerunner 110

I had looked at the GPS watches from Garmin a few years ago, but I always found the size of them to be too big. I wished that they would make a GPS watch which looks like a regular watch and not like an alarm clock which would ridicules on my wrist. Then the forerunner 110 arrived and it looked just perfect for me. Here in Australia, sadly as my trip to the USA a few weeks ago reminded me, we pay a lot more for items here. I am still amazed at how much you can save ordering items online. Anyway, I bought it online and the watch was everything I thought it would do. I know my distance accurately, time and pace. One other cool feature is Garmin Connect. Here you can upload your data to Garmin Connect and the software data is very useful. You can opt to share your data with other users which is pretty cool if you are planning on traveling somewhere and you want to find out where a good run in that particular area may be.


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