iMovie Cloning Myself

I am have always been interested in movies and special effects.  I think when I saw my Dad and Mum’s Super 8mm footage made me interested from an early age.  I bought an HD camcorder a year ago and I have used it for some effects, but the one I did not know how to do was cloning myself.  I have read about it on the net and I thought I’d give it a go.

Here are the steps how I did it:

Software:  Mac iMovie

Step 1:  Record myself twice using the tripod to fix my position.
Step 2:  Import the two shot movies into iMovie.
Step 3:  Add one movie into the a created project 
Step 4:  Add the second movie by right clicking and dropping it in using the green screen.
Step 5: Spilt the movie one screen to the right half way and now the second movie can be seen.
Step 6: Hit play and see the clone image in one movie frame.

Here is an example of me in the garden:

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