Poem – You Know I Can’t Remember Her Name

Pushing pens for a living and living in sin,
Pulling strings, collecting things that make me sing,
Singing with Karen and splitting atoms,
Making some room for the silver spoons and humming tunes,
It’s a mouthful to say, but I’m cool and I love you,
So sit tight, don’t fight, just turn out the red light,
Proving to the dirty world that you can French kiss a girl,
Undress her and seductively caress her,
With your penetrating tongue your probing has just begun,
To boldly go where no man has gone before,
As you cooly lasso the bedroom door with your toe,
Your randiness grows and grows,
To the highest height of passion,
She moans and groans with every push, pull and pump,
Your stallion satisfaction is suddenly stumped,
As less than 30 seconds you dump your waste,
But there is no trace of the white looking paper paste,
You hang your head in shame,
Blame it on the rain,
As she picks up her crumpled clothes from the floor,
She leaves by the way she came,
And you know I can’t remember her name..

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