I have an eating disorder because I am a vegan ? WTF

Vegan, eating disorder,

Okay it amused me, how many people say that being a vegan is weird and that also I have an eating disorder, purely for this reason alone.. I do not consume animal products ! I guess when you are in the minority you are marginalised and stamped with a label “I don’t understand you so I fear you” vegans must be part of a cult, like religious fundamentalist trying to poison the minds of so called normal people, okay the majority. Actually I find it hard to comprehend how people can consume animal products. Yes I wish the people would wake up and all become vegan. It is clear to me… We have absolutely no right to use animals. None whatsoever. It is because we think of it as normal to consume animals, people cannot see the difference between an animal stamped as a pet and an animal which is stamped for food. I see them as the same sentient beings, which they are… People share so much love for their pets, but then think of nothing to eat animal products.

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